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Trouble Shooting Guide

Having problems with your DownloadPlayer?

More than 80% of the issues reported to us can be easily detected and even solved on location by you.

If your DLP fails to start correctly, please check the following:

  1. You can successfully browse to
  2. The time and date on the PC is correct.
  3. The PC hardware has not changed and that you only have 1 active network connection.
  4. The user account the DLP is running under is ‘administrator’ or the user has full administrative rights.
  5. Windows firewall is switched off (or the firewall is switched on but the DLP has an exception).
  6. Windows User Account Control (UAC) is turned off completely (Windows Vista / 7 only).
  7. If a proxy server is being used on the network, the correct details are entered in the proxy settings.
  8. If a hardware firewall is being used on the network, this should be configured to allow the DLP internet access.