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How To: Change Playlist Settings

The Playlist section of the Download Player Settings contains the functionality to change your Artist Collision settings and allows you to state when you wnat your player to resume it's managed profile.

Assessing Playlist section of the DLP Settings

In order to change the Playlist settings, you must access the Playlist Options Section of the Download Player. This can be accessed from either the Channel Selection or the Channel Interaction screens of the Download Player by pressing the Options (Options Icon) button.

Once the Options screen has loaded, select the Playlist tab to the left and you will see the screen (shown below) displaying the playlisting options and settings.

Playlist Options Screen

Setting the Artist Collision Depth

The Download Player can be configured so that a song by one artist won't play within a certain number of tracks of another song by the same artist. So, the Artist Collision setting is basically the minimum number of songs to be played between two tracks by the same artist.

To change the Artist Collison setting, simply hover over the scroller, click and hold down the left mouse button and drag it to the position that you want. Once set, click on the Apply and/or OK button to apply the changes.

You will notice that the number of tracks you currently have selected is displayed to the right of the "Artist Collision Depth" text at the top once you have changed your setting.

If you set the Artist Collison Depth to its minimum setting (0 tracks or Disabled), then the Artist Collision feature will be disabled. The maximum number of songs that can be set is 10.

Security Options section, you can now lock any features of the Download player that would affect either the settings/options or media playback.

Ensure Playing Item Is Visible

If ticked, this tickbox makes the current track that is playling visible at all times in the Playlist window on the Channel Interaction screen. This will mean that if you try to scroll down the playlist, the DLP will flick you back to the current track. You will need to un-tick this box for the DLP to allow you to scroll up and down in the playlist, out of the range of the current track that is playling.

Resume Managed Profile

If you chose to load a profile that is different to the music that is profiled for the current timeof day, then you can set when you would like the DLP to switch back to the profiled music. This means that if you play a user playlist, such as a nineties playlist you have manually created, and you forget to manually resume the managed profile, if you have this option selected (with exception to the On User Request option) the player will automatically revert back to the music that should be playling at the designated time.