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How To: Sort Library Tracks

To sort the library track(s) you need to know how to:

  • Search the library of tracks
  • Sort the tracks shown in the Library/Search Window
  • View Extra Track Information (Optional)

Search the Library of tracks

Using the search window (see How To: Search The Media Library for how to do this), get a list of track(s) from the results of a search.

Sort the tracks shown in the Library/Search Window

Once you have a list of tracks visible in the library search window, they can easily be sorted in alpha-numeric order, by selecting the A..Z button at the bottom right of the screen.

Sort Search Results

Once this button has been selected, you will be presented with a menu showing a number of options by which you may search. Select the option that you want to search by, and the list of tracks in the search library window will be re-ordered by the criteria selected.

View Extra Track Information

By default, the track list in the Search Library Window only shows the artist and track name. It is however possible to see other information regarding each track, such as the style/genre, era, number of beats per minute and the track duration. This may assist you when you want to sort by one of these hidden columns.

To see how to view these details, you can access the How To: View Extra Track Information section.