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How To: Search The Media Library

To search the media library you need to know how to:

  • Navigate to the Channel Interaction screen
  • Search the library for the track(s)
  • Sort the tracks in the Search Window (Optional)
  • View Extra Track Information (Optional)

Navigate to the Channel Interaction screen

The media library Search Window is situated at the bottom right of the Channel Interaction screen (see How To: Switch Between Channels for further details of how to access this section). This window is where you search the tracks that are available for the channel currently selected.

Search the library for the track(s)

Once you have accessed the Search Window, select the category that you want to search by from the tabs down the right hand side. You can search by numerous categories, such as Artist, Title, etc (the full list of categories with an explanation of each can be found in the Using the application section).

For this example, we will search for a track by an Artist named Adele.

Select the Artist tab to the right of the search window. This will populate the search window with a list of available criteria which you can select from for an artist's name. Likewise if you select any of the other tabs, the relevant criteria for your selection is loaded into this window.

In this case you get A-Z; as the artist's name we require should lie between these bands.

As we are searching for tracks by Adele we will select A from the list.

Search Window

You can either double click the letter, or select it and press the Search The Library button (this is the magnifying glass button; shown in the image above). Multiple items can be selected by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting the items with the mouse, then pressing the Search The Library button.

Now you will be presented with a list of all of the tracks that are assigned to the Channel that you are currently looking at, that match the criteria you have selected; so a list of all the artists who's names begin with an A.

You can now scroll down to and select the track(s) that you require.

Search Window

Sort the Tracks In the Search Window

If you have a large list of tracks by the same artist, you may want to sort the list of tracks by a certain field.
See How To: Sort Library Tracks to discover how to sort tracks in the search window.

View Extra Track Information

Once you have performed a search for a track, the resulting track list in the Search Window only shows the artist and track name by default. It is possible to see other information regarding each track, such as the style/genre, era, number of beats per minute and the track duration.

To see how to view these details, you can access the How To: View Extra Track Information section.