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How To: Save A Playlist

To save a playlist you need to know how to:

  • Save a playlist

Save A Playlist

To save a playlist, you first need to have either loaded an existing playlist (see How To: Load an Existing Playlist) and made some changes to it, or to have created a new playlist from scratch (see How To: Create A Playlist).

Whichever way you have created/changed the playlist that is currently shown in the playlist window, when you are ready to save it, the same process can be followed.

To save the playlist, select the Save Playlist button (Save Playlist Button), found at the bottom of the Channel Interaction screen.

When you select this button and the Save Playlist Window is displayed to you.

Save Playlist Window

The box at the bottom right of this window is where you need to enter the name, under which you want this particular playlist to be saved. You can just click in the box and type the playlist name in here using the keyboard attached to your computer.

If you do not have a keyboard attached to your computer, or if you just prefer to, you can also make use of the on-screen keyboard, which can be launched by selecting the Keyboard button at the bottom left of this page (See How To: Use the On-Screen Keyboard for further assistance with this).

Once you have entered the name for the playlist to be saved as, press the Ok button.

You will now receive confirmation that your playlist has been saved successfully.