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How To: Mark Your Favourite Tracks

Within the Download Player you can highlight your favourite tracks to make them easier to find when you want to add one to your playlist or just when you want to listen to one of them.

To make full use of the favourite tracks functionality, you need to know how to:

  • Navigate to the Channel Interaction screen
  • Mark the track(s) as your favourite
  • Load/search for your favourite track(s)

Navigate to the Channel Interaction screen

Navigate to the Channel Interaction screen (see How To: Switch Between Channels for further details).

On this screen you will see that the section towards the bottom of the screen is split into two windows. To the left is the playlist or editor window, and to the right is the Media Library window.

Mark Track As Your Favourite

When you see a track that you really like in either the playlist or the search window, you can mark it as one of your favourites.

To do this, select the track so that it is highlighted then select the Favourite button (Toggle Track as Favourite Icon). As you do this you will notice that a small heart appears to the left of the track in the track list to flag that this track is one of your favourites.

Load/Search For Your Favourite Track(s)

Once you have tagged some tracks as your favourites, you can gain easy access to them whenever you want to, for example when you want to add them into an existing playlist or use them to create a new playlist.

When you want to search for the tracks that you have tagged as your favourite tracks, all you have to do is select the Favourite tab, to the right of the Library Search Window on the Channel Interaction screen.

View Favourite Tracks

When this tab has been pressed all of the tracks in the current channel, that you have marked as favourite tracks are loaded into the Search Library Window, where they can be used to add into your playlists (see How To: Add Tracks In To A Playlist).