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How To: Load/Open A Playlist

To load a playlist you need to:

  • Know how to navigate to the Channel Interaction screen
  • Have created at least one playlist of the current channel/zone
  • Make use of the Live and Editor playlists
  • Know how to load a playlist

Navigate to the Channel Interaction screen

Navigate to the Channel Interaction screen (see How To: Switch Between Channels for further details).

On this screen you will see that the section towards the bottom of the screen is split into two windows. To the left is the playlist or editor window, and to the right is the Media Library window.

Have Created A Playlist

You must have created a playlist, in order to be able to load it! If you want help creating playlists, please view the How To: Create A Playlist section.

Make use of the Live and Editor playlists

Depending if you want the playlist you are about to open to start playing, or to just open up so that you can view and/or edit it, you need to ensure you have the correct playlist tab selected.

To do this, in the tabs down the left hand side of the playlist window, ensure that you have the Playlist tab selected. This will load the live playlist into the playlist window.

Across the top of the Playlist Window you have two tabs; Live and Editor.

Editor Playlist

If you load a playlist whilst the Live tab is selected, then whatever is currently playing will stop and the tracks in the playlist that you load will start playing.

If you load a playlist whilst the Editor tab is selected, then whatever is currently playing will continue to play, and the playlist will just be opened to let you "edit" it, without affecting or interrupting the "Live" playlist that your customers/clients are currently hearing.

Note: The Editor window is used as a temporary area where playlists can be generated, edited and saved, without affecting the Live playlist (i.e. the music currently playing).

Load A Playlist

The important thing to note before you load your playlist is which playlist window you have selected (see above). Select the relevant tab (see above).

To load the playlist, select the Load Playlist button (Load Playlist Button), found at the bottom of the Channel Interaction screen.

When you select this button a menu will appear with the options to Load or Merge a playlist.

Load Playlist Menu

The only difference between the two is that the Load function closes the current playlist and then loads the playlist you select in it's place. Where as the Merge function leaves the existing playlist in tact, and adds the tracks from the playlist you select to load to it.

Select either the Load or Merge menu option and the Load Playlist Window is displayed to you.

Load Playlist Window

In the large box at the right centre of this window, you will be presented with a list of all of the playlists that are available for the channel you currently have selected.

Select the playlist that you want to load/open so that it is highlighted, then press the Ok button.

If you are opening the playlist into the Live window, then you will be asked to confirm that you want to load the playlist. This acts as a security measure, to prevent you accidentally changing your live playlist and does not appear if you load into the Editor playlist window.