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How To: Cross Fade Between Tracks In The Playlist

The Download player lets you control exactly how you want two songs to interact, as one song ends and the next begins.

You may want one track to end, then then next track to start in a normal fashion (i.e. with a split second gap in between the two tracks), or you may want to cross fade the two tracks together over a specific period of time (i.e. the song that is ending gradually gets quieter as the track that is starting gradually gets louder; thus fusing the two together).

You can set exactly how your Download Player handles this interaction, by accessing the Audio Cross fade Options and Settings section. To access this section, select the Options Screen icon (Options Icon) available on both the Channel Interaction and the Channel Selection screens of your Download Player.

Audio Cross fade Options Screen
Figure 1.0 - Audio Cross fade Options Screen

Once you have accessed the cross fade settings, you can simply set the sliders to your preference and press the Apply button.

Further details on the cross fade settings that are available can be viewed in the Audio Cross fade Options and Settings section.