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How To: Switch Between Channels

When your Download Player (DLP) loads, the first screen you are presented with is the Channel Selection screen.

Channel Selection Screen

Access A Channel

This screen presents you with 8 windows which will show the name of each channel that you have assigned to your Download Player, along with a description of the tracks that are currently playing and scheduled to play next.

Note: If you do not have 8 zones, then any "spare" channel windows are left blank and can not be accessed. Likewise, if you have more than 8 channels/zones on your player, you will notice that at the centre of the control bar (at the bottom of the Channel Screen) a left and right button have appeared. When you select these, it takes you to the next/previous 8 channels on the player.

To access any of the channels on your Download Player, simply click on the window for the required channel. This will open the Channel Interaction screen for the selected channel.

If you have a password set on your Download Player, then you will be prompted to input it at this point.

Return To Channel Selection

To Navigate back to the Channel Selection screen from the Channel Interaction screen, you press the Channel Selection preview icon (highlighted at the top left of the screen; see below).

Channel Interaction Screen